Epos Till Damage/Theft

Claim repudiated following repair

Claim repudiated following CATS analysis

On this claim we received a request from a loss adjuster who had doubts over the validity of a claim.

We were asked to provide a data retrieval assessment of an EPOS till that had been damaged.

The insured was claiming for loss of stock (£20,000) due to theft but could not substantiate this.

They confirmed that the only stock records they had were on the damaged EPOS till hard drive.


Claim Validation


  • Accidental Damage/Theft


  • Fraud concern
  • Hard drive analysis
  • Claim repudiated

The hard drive was assessed, repaired and data retrieved.

The adjuster asked for our assistance in decoding and analysing the data and ultimately repudiated the claim based on our findings.

Call our claims team on 01943 882 140 or Email: claims@catslimited.co.uk.

Call our claims team on 01943 882 140 or Email: claims@catsclaims.co.uk

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