Laptop Repair

Written off elsewhere, repaired by CATS

Written off by traditional I.T. supplier, repaired by CATS

We were asked to look at a laptop computer that had been written off by another supplier.

The policyholder was not convinced that the item was beyond economic repair so their insurer approached us for a second opinion.

We identified that the computer had several component faults which were resolvable.

Following replacement of the damaged components the unit was soak tested and found to be fully operational.


Claim Validation, Technology Repair


  • Accidental Damage


  • Insured pleased unit was not replaced
  • CATS successfully repaired
  • 81% saving

The computer was then returned to the customer in full working order with a 12 month warranty.

Total repair cost was £260, instead of the proposed replacement cost of £1,349 presented by the original supplier involved.

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