Data Recovery

Different from Data Transfer

Low cost recovery & data transfer

At CATS we have an extremely high success rate in data recovery and our recovery costs are low comparative to other data recovery companies. We offer both data transfer and data recovery services.

Data Transfer

Following assessment of a product and where possible, our engineers will transfer some data for free assuming the storage device is undamaged and the data can be transferred to an alternative device with relative ease.

If the data is more difficult to access or is time consuming to transfer, a charge may apply. We may offer to put data onto a seperate storage device like a hard drive for a nominal fee. If transfer is not possible then data recovery will be offered as an alternative service.

Data Recovery

Where data storage devices are not easily accessible, a data recovery may be the only option for retreival of data. There are various data recovery options. Recovery costs will vary dependant on the data storage device type, size of data needed to be recovered and the extent of damage to the device.

Assessing the possibility of recovery is free in most cases. Authority to proceed with the recovery will be sought once costs are known before proceeding.

All data we are privy to is treated in the strictest confidence regardless of whether this is policyholders personal data, claims or policy information. We are fully compliant with the data protection act and as such are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. Our registration number is Z9353723

All storage devices that cannot be recovered are destroyed and disposed of in line with the WEEE directive.

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