Broker Assistance

Taking ownership equals renewal

What CATS can do for you and your clients?

A CATS Consultant will:

  • Give you and your clients free impartial advice on any claim for technology.
  • Accurately validate any technology products to identity like for like replacements and/or possibility of repair.
  • Offer to replace or repair.
  • Negotiate best price with any incumbent supplier on your clients behalf.

Benefits to you and your clients

  • Minimise client downtime and claim spend.
  • Reduce claim life cycle.
  • Ensure any insurer settlement is in line with the client’s expectations.
  • Enhance you and your client’s relationship through CATS involvement.

Who pays for CATS services?

  • CATS services are free up to the point of liability being established.
  • Once liability has been established, insurers will cover our validation and assessment costs.
  • If the claim is not pursued then the policyholder has the option to employ and pay for our services directly should they wish to.

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