At CATS we recognise the importance of providing you with the right information, first time every time, within the timeframe you specify.

Our consultants are experienced in accurately identifying what equipment the insured is claiming for, what they had originally, what needs to be considered now and what their settlement entitlement should be.

Following receipt of an instruction, we will seek proof of purchase to quantify the loss, compare original equipment against any proposed quotes and true like-for-like replacements, establishing the most cost-effective claim settlement. We will assess equipment, where applicable, and agree settlement in principle. 

The policyholder will be offered a repair, replacement or a cash settlement, depending on the type of policy cover.

We will compile a professional validation report that includes all the information needed to be able to make an informed decision on the best claim outcome.

We treat every validation request the same, whether we are validating retrospectively, dealing with a claim that is under investigation, suspected to be fraudulent or liability has yet to be established.

We are commonly dealing with losses that involve business continuity issues and have many examples of our work that demonstrate our ability to minimise business interruption.

We believe you won’t find a more professional and consistent partner when it comes to validation.