Why choose CATS?

Taking ownership equals renewal

Working exclusively with the insurance claims industry we are quite often seen by our clients as a departmental extension to their own business

At CATS we provide a personalised service experience providing a dedicated consultant for each and every claimant. Our technology consultant is supported by an equally dedicated claims support advisor, both of which are on hand to walk policyholders' through the process, in a timely manner, from start to finish.

Our finance team and company directors provide additional support to the claims team. The finance team ensure the collection of policy excesses, VAT and betterment payments is handled efficiently. Our directors provide client relationship support as well as provide a point of contact for escalation and compliments. 

Our area of expertise is in the validation, repair and reinstatement of any products that are technology related. In our professional opinion, if you have a claim that involves technology then we are the best people to help you.

Our validation methodology

We provide clients with the ultimate point of validation reference ensuring our clients claims spend is truly minimised.

Professionalism & experience

The accuracy of our validation information and quality of reporting is second to none. Our years of claims experience and attention to detail is what enables our clients to identify, through us, the most effective claim resolution.


CATS provides complete transparency of the technology industry, using our knowledge, experience and trade relations to our clients' advantage.

Simple but comprehensive reporting

For every instruction received we will provide all the validation, repair and replacement information needed in a single, easy to absorb, report known as a "Professional Validation Report" or PVR.

Access to our worldwide supply chain network

CATS authorised supply chain has all the required accreditation for claim fulfilment and provides the best route to market for repair, replacement and cash settlement outcomes.

No brand bias

CATS has many trade relationships with manufacturers but, unlike retailers or technology resellers, we have no manufacturer affiliations that could predjudice our validation. 

Call our claims team on 01943 882 140 or Email: claims@catsclaims.co.uk

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