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How Do Catastrophic Events Affect Insurance Claims?

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Catastrophic events, such as fires, floods or the COVID-19 pandemic, can leave lasting effects that make resuming normal operation hard for businesses even after a claim has been made.

For claims handlers, this represents a two-pronged problem: not only does the claim itself need to be investigated, processed and resolved, but the business needs to be kept alive while the claim is being handled. For time-starved claims handlers, this represents an extra workload that many simply do not have the spare hours for.


How do CATS handle Catastrophic Events?

When involved early in a claims process, we are able to communicate with business owners to ensure they get the support they need to continue operating in the aftermath of catastrophic events.

This could include the loan of temporary essential equipment before repairs or replacements are available thanks to a successful claim. In each case, we stay in communication with businesses throughout the duration of a claim to make sure they have everything their business needs to operate.


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